Hull Drain Pipe (Leaks)


Ed Price

No, not the big hole in the bilge at the right rear.

There's another drain hole; actually, a tube. If you have a mysterious hull
leak, maybe you should have a look at this tube. What I'm talking about is a
drain pipe that allows possible water in the very front compartment (under the
spare tire and in front of the steering linkages) to drain into the bilge near
the shifter base. This drain tube poses a leak condition to the main bilge and
the forward compartment.

The tube is steel, and was welded to the hull at both ends. Enough rust, or some
physical damage while working on the steering, and you can have one or two hull

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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> There's another drain hole; actually, a tube.


The correct marriner's term for this tube is called a "limber hole".
I don't know why, but that is what I'm told by an old Captain I know.
In ships, they have a similar item that drains water past each
bulkhead or stringer to the pump.

I have not seen any that leak, I have seen a lot that are plugged.
Use a coat hangar or stiff wire, followed by a blast of air to clean
it out regularly. If it is plugged, that material can hold water
which is the fire that fuels rust. You should not have any water
standing in the trunk.

Rocky Mountain Amphicar