Welcome aboard Hugh! It's good to see you finally joined us in the
computer world.
To anyone who does not know about Hugh Gordon, you only need ask any
Amphicar person or better yet, call him up and say hi. Have a
confortable chair and a cold drink nearby as it will not be a short
conversation. My 1st call to Hugh lasted well over an hour. He knows
more that all of us have forgotten. I think I speak for alot of us in
saying that he is respected and admired.

John Bevins

Al Heath


Hi Hugh,

Just seeing you posting is enough to make me want to go back and browse that last flyer of yours and find something to order. Welcome aboard! By the way, I like the handle as you certainly are the "amphiguru" Interesting web site title at that domain ... "reserve3" ... and the "driving directions" to your business just showing California is a default worth a grin. I guess we'll have to keep an eye on that spot.

Al Heath