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Hugh made a monumental gamble, and he was right! Like any smart
entrepreneur, the price would go up as high as the market would bear. And it
appears that the market is bearing it; and the result is Hugh is the guy
that many members "Love to hate". I always find it interesting when Hugh has
a part that no one else has, everyone seems to grin-and-bear it. Isn't it
interesting that the expression "bear it" comes up again.

I am glad to have restored 2 cars when parts were more affordable, and to
have purchased a Gordon restoration a 4 years ago. If I would have been as
speculative as Dr. Gordon, I would have ordered two. Granted a restored rust
bucket seemed very expensive then, but now Hugh charges 25K more!

I am glad he could afford to purchase a trailer. He has the foresight to
realize that the Not So Big Trailer is going to make him money. Less wear
and tear on his tow vehicle, plus the increased mileage. I have estimated
the real cost of ownership saves the owner close to $.15/mile over pulling a
conventional trailer with a big V-8. As gas prices continue to rise as a
result of America's desire to "burn that juice", is a small trailer going to
make more sense?

Where would we be without Hugh and his foresight?

Rob Vondracek
NSB Trailer Company
'64 red

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