Hugh and such


Cap''n John

> <snip> It amazes me how many club members think that he is a rip-
off artist. He is just making a living. And if he is getting rich...I
wish that I was that smart. I for one am a "Gordon believer", but I
am happy to purchase what I can less expensively. Who wouldn't?


First, I have a lot of respect for Hugh and what he does. A nicer guy
would be hard to find. One phone call is all you need know that (my
1st call to him was 3+ hours!).

My concerns are not necessarily the prices, but the quality of parts
you receive for said prices. I would not consider him a 'rip-off
artist" as that makes it sound like he intends to be dishonest and I
don't believe that to be the case.

I don't mind paying premium prices for premium parts. I do have a
problem paying premium prices for low quality parts. Let me explain,
I paid $180 for a hood light lens. It came looking like it had never
been inspected. There was hair and dust throughout the plating and
finish, it was not a premium $180 part by anyone's standards. It was
a $30 part in that condition. It was obviously never inspected before
being sent. Hugh did reluctantly replace it with an acceptable

I paid $8 for a "Original Amphicar" horn neck rubber. It was a poorly
cut piece of radiator hose and not "Original Amphicar" as
represented. (a $3 part at most)

I paid $27 for a hand throttle T handle. It still had the flashing
from the mold. For $27 it should be NOTHING short of perfect, ready
to install WITHOUT spending 30 mins cleaning it up.

When I buy a "kit" of any kind, the term "kit" indicates you have all
the parts needeed for the task at hand. His "kits" are not kits, they
are "sets". I.E. - Splash moldings "kit" should include 4 chrome trim
moldings, enough clips to mount all 4 and the rubber to be accuartely
called a "kit" rather than a "set". The "set" would just be the 4
moldings alone. Yes, this may be just semantics, but it would be more
accurate and less liable to confuse or dissapoint.

My point is that while Hugh has a big heart, is always willing to
help out and certainly has my deepest respect, he does not take the
time to inspect and dress the parts to reflect the premium prices
commanded. IMNSHO - This is the #1 reason that so many take the time
and expense to repop these parts. This situation is what drove me to
recreate the manuals bound and professionally printed. My prices
reflect the quality of the product you get. However, it does not
reflect the hundreds of hours involved in their production.

I have spoken with Hugh about this many times. As most of you know, I
am not one to hold my tongue so when Hugh asks me for my opinion (he
often does), I give it to him. He has taken some to heart and he
would better understand this if everybody speaks up to him face to
face. He's willing to hear what you have to say. He's not liable fix
it if only a couple of people speak up. If everybody was honest with
him, I think he would step up to the plate.

Hugh is starting to understand this from what The prices his new
moldings will be set at reflects this. I think he realized these
points after so many other parts have been repopped.


Mike Israel


You are about as subtle as a freight train! :)

OK, I too ordered one of those $8.00 horn neck rubber
bits and was a bit dismayed to discover it was a 3"
bit of radiator hose. At the same time, Gordon's has
always been very flexible with allowing exchanges or

Anyway, I think this goes back to my original
suggestion. Parts which are not original type and
quality should simply have an "S" designator after the
part number. The "S" represents "Substitute". This
way, at the time of order, you will know that you are
getting a non-original style/quality part that has
been found to be a functional substitute. This is
also helpful when doing a world-class restoration in
helping determine if you should restore or replace a
given part.

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Cap''n John

> You are about as subtle as a freight train! :)

I have heard that before! :) I hope that is a good thing!

I hope I did not offend anyone (especially Hugh) as that is not my
intention. *If so, I offer my sincerist apologies to them.* I was
only trying to spark people to speak TO Hugh about whatever concerns
they have.

I really think he wants to know what is wrong so it can be addressed.
If he doesn't know that the <insert part here> was not what was
expected, how can he possibly know what to address? We all have
respect for him and with that in mind, I think most are reluctant to
speak up about their concerns. EVERY time we speak, he always asks
what suggestions I have (good and bad) and of course I tell him
openly and honestly. Not once has he sounded offended by my answers.
Helping Hugh make things better, is good for all of us including Hugh.

He is responsible for saving countless Amphicars for future
generations and that alone shoud be something to be proud of.

John "Not so subtle" Bevins ;)