Hubcap trick

Jon March

is there a nifty, non-marring, gadget or method to pop off the hubcaps from freshly painted rims?
..whats the trick to do it without marring the finish of the rim or hubcaps?


Amphicar Expert
Some do not have drain holes.
I use a large hook curved screw driver and a towel.
Also New caps squeak and groan.. I install a 3/4 foam pad , about a 6 inch circle, (dab of glue) this rests against the bolts and stops the noise.


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VW hubcaps have two holes about an inch apart and they have a tool that inserts in the holes and you pry off. SO you will have to drill the holes. The tool is nothing more then a heavy duty horseshoe shaped wire. you can buy them on Ebay for a few dollars. Works great.
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