How was Celina?

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Not too much chit chat. About 20 cars? Crystal clear lake? I do miss seeing everyone. I was pit crewing for 24 hours of Lemons in Joliet Illinois. Maybe next year.


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Good Time Dave, I don't have the count but about 20 cars maybe a couple less. Water was great or at least calm and smooth. Lots of boats out at times, water is better but still doesn't look good. Still pretty green. The Eagles gave us their usual welcome and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


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No... water was horrible!!!! went in 3 times short swims, Last was was the hot hole and was bullied into a big slash! water came over the rear, soaked the young girl(Eddies daughter) and 2 inches of water on rear seat, Had to go back ion shore and mop out the rear area, It stunk to high heavens!
Thought I was in a farmers field after he sprayed it with cow %^&**
Quite a few of the old time guys and galls were there so lots of chit chat.
Not to many people at Sat sales. I was off by 2pm so missed the Sat dinner,


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Had a good time, lots of friendly people. Wish I would've had more time to stare and compare, since I had just got my Amphi put together (maybe backwards) this spring. I had a flat tire on the trailer that was fixed fro free in Celina, due to the fact I had a Amphi on board that the tech had seen at the splash in the day before. With travelling with 3 females, the lake fest, parades and the heat, I just ran out of time. Thanks for the good time to all those that helped put the swim-in on and to those attended and welcomed us in. I'm hoping to get down to Mt. Dora next year.


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The plans for the Mid Florida swim in are already in the works for next March.
The lakes are everywhere, and joined by canals, you can swim all day, there not clear but do not smell.
Palm Garden Rest. right on the water with a boat ramp right beside the seating tables!


Jon March

Naples is incredible - clearest, cleanest, warmest water youve seen - and surrounded by endless sandy beaches and tall pines. Miles of lakes connected by historic canals with antique forest-service operated locks. Cant offer alligators, zika skeeters or cottonmouths, tho - all we got are loons and eagles! ;) - Get in your car - we got 8 or 9 so far -- 3 days to the Splash-in and Parade at the Causeway friday nite!