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    A few Celina 2001 highlights from Amphipoda's

    Most of Friday is a haze of very fond, but fading,
    memories of the sign up at CJ's (nice badges
    shirts, and other cool trinkets), meeting with
    some of the best amphibians on this planet,
    doing Mezcal shots, the police escort through
    town (it was so long you couldn't see the end),
    more Mezcal shots, swimming, more Mezcal,
    splash entries, and... yep, more Mezcal shots
    with beer chasers. Yes Paul, I did sleep under
    something, but I'm not sure if it was an Amphi
    or a trailer or my tent?!

    The gathering in the water for the helicopter
    photo was unbelievable. Being in the front
    row and looking back gave me the impression
    of an annual spawning ritual coupled with an
    amphibious invasion at Normandy. It was an
    awe inspiring sight to see so many swimming
    Amphis in tight formation - did anyone get a
    scratch or a ding? And yes Mike, my propeller
    beanie got a tremendous workout - the helicopter
    was so close at times I reckon my neck got
    stretched an inch or two from the beanie spinning
    at 22,000 rpm. A great moment in Amphi lore.

    And then there are a half dozen stories about
    when Dave the Wave and I (the dynamic duo) stole
    someone's Amphi (Dave claims it was a loaner)
    and... well, umm... maybe I better let Dave tell
    those stories. Anyway, Celina may never be quite
    the same and everyone is invited back next year
    except Dave and I (no worries, we'll be disguised).

    The club meeting/dinner at the Eagles was a winner
    too. Bilgemaster graciously accepted his Amphibian
    of the Year Award - well deserved. And Rene Pohl
    got a bottle of Jack Daniel's (they wouldn't let me
    hold it for him) donated by the Eagles. Good eats
    and a well done club meeting. Thanks to all who
    attended, gave out rides, loaned out cars, and put
    the whole shebang together. What a spectacular event!~
    And congratulations to Marc S. who was re-appointed
    by the board as President of the International Amphicar
    Owners Club!!!

    Also wanted to mention a special thanks to Billy
    Syx & Randy Tusone for organizing the retirement
    home Amphi rides. Giving rides to the old folks
    and seeing them smiling and laughing in appreciation
    was a truly inspirational moment for the dozen Amphis
    who participated. This too should become a tradition
    in Celina and/or wherever Amphi Swim-In events reside.

    I guess that's enough for now. Perhaps I'll post
    more once the pictures get developed and what's
    left of my memory gets jogged. But I will say this -
    camping was fun, thanks Scott - you da man!
    See ya'll in the chat nook.

    Amphipoooooooda (jet lagged and hung over)
    `64 Turquoise (pissed and jealous)
    San Diego, CA (warm and wonderful)

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