How to install a new speedometer cable......



Without removing the seats or floor? Yes, it can be done. I did it
many times in my head before putting the theory to test. Tied one
end to the broken greasy end and started to pull it through the
filth & gunk in the standing moldy water in the bilge (for sale).
Wiggled it all the way through allowing clearance for the knot & out
it came into the trunk! Problem is the collar to screw it to the
speed-o was still at the other end. Pull it back through, getting
even greasier than the first time, and wedge that collar into the
rope knot, start to pull it back through and the whole thing gets
caught half way. Time to regroup & wiggle some more, get the thing
moving and it pops out the trunk. Easy to screw both ends in and
done. Gotta clean out that bilge! Yuk. Better reward everyone within
earshot with a ride. The work never ends on these cars.
Mark in Tenn