How many doctors does it take to unsubscribe!!

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Mike Israel

It appears that the good Doctor figured out how to
unsubscribe himself the day after posting this
message. Looks like the system has been perfected.

Sadly, the Dr.'s comments aimed at my comrade in fins
(the bilgemaster) were not very original. Hell,
everyone I tell about the Amphi thinks I must be one
heck of a smart guy until I tell them what I have
spent on it. At that point they usually mumble, "what
an ass"! Perhaps we have discovered the origin of the
term "smart ass".

Remember ... to unsubscribe, just follow the
instructions appended to every message posted to this

--- Mike <> wrote:
> ....
> Instead of trying to be a smart ass by suggesting we
> use duct tape on our computers, maybe you should
> perfect your own e-mail system.
> Dr. Michael Smith


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