How long


David Derer

Ken ? Thanks for your replies. If you can take a couple of pics
easily that would be great. Also as I am new to the Amphi, how tough
is it to do this? Pulling the axle and the double lip seal? Plus
there is not much room to work, unless you have really long arms. How
long do you think it would take? Thanks again, Bob

How long will it take? A fabulous question. Assuming car is new with no
rust or corrosion. Assuming Your knees and back are like a 20 year olds.
Assuming You purchased factory service manual. Assuming You have proper
tools, jacks and lights. assuming You watch "monster garage" and similar
shows, assuming You are quick and have an extra set of hands, You should
have side cover off in an hour. Double that for installation. Reality is
sometimes one shock bolt can fight You for an hour. Then while You look
at parts You see crack in rubber brake line, and grease coming out worn
seal, and You hear grumble in bearing and parking cable is not, . Make a
spot in garage where You can have car apart a little longer than You
anticipate. That way when You need to get other parts You are not
frustrated. Later Dave the Wave

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