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How long can Amphi float?


Arnold Hite

Marc Schlemmer passed my name on to one of the organizers of the Charolette
Motor Seedway fall car show. The show is the weekend immediately after the
Classic Boat show in Moorseville that we've all been invited to. They are
all excited about putting an Amphicar on display down on Pit road (efidently
a place of honor). I'm happy to go and park Amphi in a place of honor
comensurate with its status, but the guy is also talking about installing a
swimming pool and putting my Amphicar in it. There is also talk of a pool
deck and live TV weather forcasts featuring my Amphicar.
Marc advised me against this, but I am considering it. Actually for a
couple of years now, Sharon and I have toyed with doing this at a local car
show. We've been looking for a discarded above-ground swimming pool to use
for displaying our Amphicar. But I never though my car would be in the
water for more than a few hours. This show last four days. I wonder if
there is some special problems I need to watch for. I figure I will need to
repack all of the berrings and lube up the grease fittings after the show,
but is there something else? Can modern paint sustain four days in the
water? What is the longest somone has left an Amphicar in the water without

Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC

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