How I nearly sunk the Brown Wonder (part 5 of 10)

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    As Friday evening slipped into the early morning
    hours I reckoned the day would not be complete
    without a Brown Wonder voyage. Dave the Wave
    loaded her up with a full crew... me in the back
    seat, underwear still moist from Billy's huge
    splash. I was responsible for locking the lower
    door lock on the passenger side, but little did I
    know Dave has a semi-custom locking arc. As
    I recall my Amphi locks at around 100 degrees
    lever rotation, but Dave's is "child proof,"
    which translates to "Amphipoda ignorant." So
    once we're well underway I noticed an excessive
    influx of Celina lake water through the door seam
    seal. I announced to Dave "We're taken on water."
    But was not taken too seriously... after all this is
    the Brown Wonder and some amount of water is
    expected. After a few minutes I said to Dave,
    "Try the bilge pump, my shoes are getting wet
    back here." With that, the bilge pump let loose
    a mighty stream of green/brown water. But the
    water coming in still exceeded the bilge output.
    Someone realized my door lock blunder and
    righted the situation by fully rotating the lock
    to a 270 degree arc, however the Brown Wonder
    apparently has other sources of leakage. Who'd
    a thunk it? Dave the Wave was so nonchalant
    about a few inches of water that I just marveled
    at his composure. When we finally emerged
    from the lake the Brown Wonder relieved itself
    in the parking lot like a racehorse after an enema.
    Mark gave me a ride back to the hotel in his way
    squirrelly Amphi which he later discovered to
    still have the propellers engaged - even in 4th
    gear! Sheesh... handles like a boat on land and
    like a car in the water. That was the bitter sweet
    end to our first day in Celina.

    Highlights to come: Return of the Mermaid(s),
    Herding Cats for a Photo, Tech Talk Gawk,
    The goldfish cracker election and Hugh's plaque.

    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego

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