How far?


There is nothing like the first time you put it in. I can remember going
real slow down the ramp and the water coming up over the front deck lid and
about 1/4 of the way up the windshield. knowing I was in only two feet of
water I was not scared, all right I was concerned. My buddy who was with me
yelled out MORE GAS! I floored it and the bow popped up and all was fine.
Of coarse now I know you can enter much faster.
The first time I took my wife down the Milwaukee River she spent the whole
time looking in the little access hole in the floor board for water. Our does
get wet but that is why you have a bilge pump.
As far as how far or remote to go, what ever you feel comfortable with. We
were adrift for forty-five minutes when the points failed, Ampicars do not
paddle very easily. Take a cell phone or other communication device and let
someone know you are going out before you go.
Good luck
63 white in Wisconsin
going swimming on wed weather permitting.

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