How far did you go?


Paul Lalewicz

We keep trying new lakes and last nite found us riding down a nice
chain of lakes in SE Michigan. You get on at Portage lake, go through
a chain of 7 lakes with rivers between them and end up at Zukey lake.
Took about 2 hours and we had a blast!We let the boys John & Mark
drive for the first time which gave them some huge smiles. Got me
thinking, what is the longest distance/time that any member has done
with their Amphi? Let me know your record.

Also, heard a cute one the other day, A guy came up to me and said,
"I heard you have one of those three in one cars.", I asked him what
he meant, and he said, "yeah, it can be a car, a boat, or a

Paul & Linda Lalewicz
64 Green