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That 1937 Housecar is terrific in so many ways. Amazing that they powered
it with the small 60 HP instead of the 85 HP that most of the cars had,
since the 60 HP was really too small for the cars. Thanks for sharing. I
recently saw a 1931 Model A Ford Housecar that was much more elaborate and all
restored. It too was a great "motorhome" with only the 40 HP Model A engine.
It, as I recall, was called the Tennessee Traveler and is now in a Museum.

On a different subject, but if you are interested in a great show of some
4-500 cars and an elite 120 car Concours d' Elegance which also features
our Amphicars, don't miss the Lake Mirror Classic in Lakeland, Florida, on
October 16th. You'll see some superb automobiles in a beautiful setting.

Vic "Captain Splash"
Nelson with the 1967 "Split Personality"

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I wonder if you could tow an Amphicar behind this thing???
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