Hot Summer problems, poor equipment or ethanol? Your thoughts

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I heard lots of stalling Amphicars at Celina, I am getting calls from customers about stalling, sputtering issues.
Iam running a newer Weber. It was 98 and humid, I did notice an occasional lag but no real problems.
I throw in a shot or two of two cycle oil in my fuel.
Florida motorcycle shop is over whelmed with carb issues. They have seen gas go bad in as little as three weeks.
I tell others to use stabil and a shot of marvel mystery oil.
There is a difference between areas in fuel mixtures.


Dave - I would bet the farm that ethanol is the culprit. Several "remedies" are on the market for such problems. I've been draining and flushing old gas from the 3 dozen cars in the collection and adding Startron to the new fuel. If you check it out online, it seems to make sense. Marvel "Misery" Oil does help the internals but it won't do anything to combat the ill effects of ethanol. Also, regular old Stabil is an excellent product and does what it claims, but you need to use the "new" Stabil which will help fight off ethanol. A little lead additive won't hurt either. And, don't forget the ZDDP when the oil gets changed! Synthetic (?), not in any of my cars! Just my 2.5 cents!

Gary, in beautiful central New York.


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I ran Avgas in mine at Celina and still had the same issues with vapor locking at higher speeds, so I'm not that convinced that ethanol should get more blame heaped on it than it already deserves. It was just too darn hot
Has anyone tried putting an electric fuelpump near the gastank to make sure you always have pressure in the fuel line?


A low pressure electric pump is absolutely the way to go. I install them on everything just to avoid problems, especially with getting the fuel to the carb for quicker starts after they sit for a bit!



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The problem at Cellina was the heat! it was over 100 deg, on #33 when we came from Indian lake
The fuel is boiling in the Fuel pump. then it cant pump and car starves. If you know its happening and can get the choke out fast you can force new fuel into the pump and keep going, thou poorly for a bit. My car dit it once on the road and 2 times after stopping for a break(lunch etc)
My other car in Florida did it after stopping a few times too.
To cure this poroblem you can do a bunch of things, Additives will make car run better but will not stop boiling problem.
Rodger added an electric fuel pump up by the gas tank with a manual switch inside to turn on when needed. This will pump the fuel into and threw the Original pump, then you can carry on. I added a manual squeese ball(like on boats) which can do the same thing and also works good for pre priming after long shut downs. I also changed the fuel tank shut off to the glass bowl type as found on Tractors etc. it has a larger fuel intake hole than Amphicars and you are sure its on or off.
Next, the fuel line runs side by side with the heater hose(its hot before it gets to motor) move this out from there and insulate the line form front to pump and from pump to carb.(there is a special silver lined cover for that area.aval at car stores. you can even cover up ,insulate the fuel pump so fan hot air will not hit it.(it will still get heat from block but that should only be 160 deg.)
Regrefully you have tyo take seats and floor out to do this..
add this memo to things to do when car is apart...Club is welcome to use this in newsletter.