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Hot Hot Hot


David Derer

Too hot and humid. We still had a very nice time in the Rock. Finally
bugs seemed to be fixed in Eric's car. Next with Mike Echemanns car.
Almost made the whole day trouble free. When that famous bake o lite
pulley broke. No damage done and it happened close to home. Earlier that
day I smiled and pointed to the pulley and told of extra steel one I
had. Hmmmm. It appears everyone I know has had some type of problem in
last two weeks. Is this happening to everyone? Amphipoda is there some
force out there to cause marginal parts to go bad now, instead of at
Celina? I am glad the Aussie backed up my story of UFO 's in Virginia.
That was a fabulous time. Check the back of Bilge masters neck, I bet
there is a small scar. Rene Pohl has been calling lately, Eric and I
have been trying to help with accommodations. Rene is an author of a
book on amphibious vehicles. It is a very nice book. I am really looking
forward to seeing everyone again. I think Mark Richardsons wife would be
glad if he took off for a day or two, especially if he took the older
kid. Mark plenty of ICB's with your name on them. Plus if you show up I
have the perfect container to hold that ICB in!. You know what Iam
talking about. VIVA CELINA!!! VIVA CELINA!!!
Later Dave the Wave