Horrrray for Crusty!!!



A sigh of relief to hear ol' Crusty
is safely back on dry land. I can
now take off my smelly East Coast
Amphicar T-shirt and blow out the
vigil candles. No matter how bad
Crusty's felling right now... I bet
all will be well again very soon.
The old folks at the Celina retirement
home must be stoked too!!! Dancing
in the isles maybe. And good going
for all who helped and donated. Tis
our amphibious way to gill and gill
alike. Horrray for Crusty!
Mermaid says I better take a shower.
These Amphi crisis times are pretty
rough us. Whoa... that ECA T-shirt
does reek.
Be well, SWIM SAFE!!!

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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