Horn Problem Revisit


I've read previous posts regarding horns that click and clack and sound like they want to work, but don't. I've turned the adjusting screw 1/4 turn through the whole range of adjustment without any change. I finally disassembled the unit. It seems to me the lower contacts are worn. I lightly cleaned them and reassembled the unit. Same as before...sure sounds like it wants to work. Do I need to keep looking for the sweet spot? Can the contacts be replaced?


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The Original hord are just plain lousey!
even if you get them to work, next year there back to dead again.
I have a replacement horn I sell, that will fit in and comes with a new chrome grill but you can use the original grill too if yours is good.
I modify each one and test the toot before shipping, seem,s like each one has its own little toot difference. $35.00
Ron should have some there for me at the Boston swin in.
I have a box with 100's,,,, well lots,,,, of junk originals.


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I have repaired many of the original horns and they are louder than any of the replacement units I've heard. I did the horns on my two cars 12 years ago and they are still running fine. I sell them on Ebay but you can contact me if you want talk about yours.

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