Hood lock cover leaking and Amphy wheels.


Has any one had problems with their front hood lock covers leaking? This past weekend while out on the water, I noticed both of my covers sticking in the up position. I closed them before entering the water but the water pressure apparently opened them up. Because they were partially submerged, water was pouring into the holes. Is there any way to keep this from hapening? I tried to order these covers from Hugh, but they are out of stock. I put new rubber on the bottom of the top cover, but even in the down position I still think they leak. I also noticed both of my hinge pins are very loose. Is there any way of tightening them up?
On another subject, are there any other wheels (rims) that will fit the Amphy? I saw Wavey Daves picture of his chrome ones, and thought maybe there might be some other stock wheels that might fit and be made for tubeless tires. I currently have tubeless radials installed, however my tire shop said two of my original Amphy wheels had rust on them, where the bead seals, and they may not hold air well. I had him clean up the rust, put bead sealant on, and so far no leaks. I would like to find an alternate source for these wheels if possible. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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It sounds like the springs that put tension on those covers to keep them either open or closed. Those leaf springs tend to rust away long before the latch itself is shot. Hugh hasn't had those covers for years now. I came up with a way to replace those springs but it's a bit of a hassle cutting clock spring material and drilling it to fit. I also replace the spring retaining rivet with a special screw to make the spring stay put.

Even if your latch covers are working perfectly they are not totally water tite so be sure to spray some rust preventitive coating into that hood frame. It's also a good idea to drill small holes in the front and rear corners of the frame so that water can drip out when the hood is open or closed.

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Steve - Be sure your covers are not installed backwards. I see alot of them are on backwards. they should face so they open from the rear. Picture them as opening opposite direction from how your trunk lid opens. Waves coming from the front should close them. If they open from the front, oncoming waves will keep them open directing water into the hole.

Did you remember to turn your licence plate lenses around too?