Hood Leaks



My Amphicar bildge stayed very dry under calm conditions for long
periods of time. If I was underway with water rolling up the hood it
would leak quite a lot thru the hood to body seals. I tested with
dollar bills placed over the hood gasket and latched it closed and then
pulled the money out to find where the seal was not tight. I used paper
money because you can pull quite hard without it tearing. After
discovering where the seal was not tight I took a calking gun cartridge
of silicone sealer and filled the upper seal with sealer. I then
latched the hood fully closed and let the sealer harden. This has
reduced my hood leaks to almost none. It can be difficult to work the
sealer the full length of the hood and you need to be sure to work it
to the right thickness were gaps are big and not overfull areas that
seal already.

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