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  1. Allan Woodcock

    That?s the sound of John Adlestein?s Amphicar as it hit the water at
    what seemed like 40 MPH. Our first ride gave a bit more meaning to the
    pile of parts that we will someday drive into a lake. John and Carol
    made a believer out of my wife who, for all these months, had been
    thinking that I had lost my marbles. We had a totally enjoyable ride
    on Lake Miramar along with an exquisitely catered gourmet lunch. John
    doesn?t miss much but as he was on the other side of the car drying it
    off a passerby eagerly said ?Where do you buy the kit?? Oh, if it were
    only that easy!

    Allan and Pam Woodcock
    ?67 Red (still in a million pieces)

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