Home-made Amphi in Calexico, CA


I had my Amphi at a car show in El Centro yesterday only to discover a home-made Amphi competitor. The gentleman is from Calexico and said his had been 28 years in the making. We had a challenge match. He had a chain-driven jet drive and it broke down right after launch. Here's a pic from my Amphi by an Imperial Valley Press reporter who was with me. Amphi =1; H0memade = 0. - azpaul


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Looks like an inverted boat hull, not my first choice for a good looking body line. The retractable wheels are impressive. Jets are great drive systems if you have the horsepower to make up for the 30% they rob right off the top. Chain drive systems sound kind of cheezy until you think about all the engines that use timing chains and run flawlessly for years. Toothed belt drive like they use on Harley Davidson cycles might have been a better choice. Would love to see some of his engineering. Hard to compete with German engineering though....;)