home from Mt. Dora!


Marc Schlemmer

Elizabeth and I just made it home from Mt. Dora....and the weekend was
great! The weather couldn't have been better (except here at home, where
after the 14+ hour drive home Sunday we were greeted with freezing
temperatures and light snow!).
In any case, 10 Amphicars had a great time on Saturday in front of a big
crowd. Dave Monier once again did a great job putting the event together,
and as always, all the Amphicar people are so nice to spend time with!

Marc Schlemmer.

The cars in attendance were:
Dave Monier (white-Florida)
Tommy Sciortino (white-Florida)
Lynne Sciortino (red-Florida)
Dan Borgman (red-Florida)
Pat Rovetto (green-Florida)
Victor Nelson (green-Florida)
Peter Fredsall (green-Florida)
Rick Young (green-Tennessee)
Marc Schlemmer (blue-Kentucky)
Gord Souter (blue-Ontario)