Holland Update



The weather report looks bright and sunny for our Saturday Swim in
Holland and Surrounding area. Sharon, addtouch@macatawa.org has maps
ready to send to anyone who still needs one. I will have copies at the
hotels on Friday afternoon.
We are trying to make arrangements for day passes on the ramps in the
area. I am trying to get the Douglas Community to set aside a parking
area near their shopping district and arrange a reduced ramp fee for the
day. There is a cool lunch restaurant I'm going to visit tomorrow to
check out. But FYI, make sure you have life jackets, fire extinguishers
etc, just in case we are inspected. I have never had a problem in all
the years we have been swimming up there, but there are going to be 20
of us flying around. It may arouse some suspicion.
Itenerary so far looks to be swimming and brats on the beach at the
Koops Friday night. Late night swims on the lake are cool. Whenever
you get in come on over. I'll leave a contact number on the maps at the
Saturday, caravan south to Douglas or Saugatuck to Swim the river and
visit the basin and play with the big boats. Return around 3 to Dutton
Park, 3 houses from the Koops, to do a mini car show and give rides
(your discretion). We have had some news coverage that this is coming
up, so we may have some people. Saturday night family style dinner is
at 6. Across the street from the Koops. We can do some evening
cruising after dinner.
It's going to be fun. Gloria

Thank You
James & Gloria Tiller

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