Holiday Inn Express complaint

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For the 2nd time in 3 years they have lost my reservations. I am not
the only one this has happened to as well (I have spoke with others
who even with confirmation #s had no room at the Inn). I called them
several times yesterday, the phone just rang and rang w/o an answer or
machine. What are you to do after driving 1200+ miles expecting to
have a bed and get there to find out they lost your reservation? This
time it works out as I can't attend anyway, but my room was to go to a
friend. He did manage to find other rooms.

I have now stayed there for the last time, I can not keep taking the
chance that I will not have a place to stay when I get there. Every
year on the date that reservations are accepted, I call to reserve my
room. What should we do about this? What are they doing (or not doing)
to keep making these mistakes.

If you think you have a room there, it would be best if you call them
to be sure you won't be sleeping in your truck.

John Bevins