Hobbycar for sale.


David Chapman

An ad in the April 2001 issue of Classic and Sportscar - out today:

Hobbycar Amphibious Vehicle, New, Delivery Mileage, Red/Black Leather,
Peugeot Diesel Engine (120mph) Twin jets for water operation (25mph) UK
Registered, cost ?80000 asking ?50000 London Phone number.


A few Hobbycars (I think 30 ?) were built about 10 years ago in France, no
mention but I would expect this one to be left hand drive and to have been
stored somewhere if it's really new. Those performance figures are very
optimistic - there is one in the UK, it's kept as a plaything at Skibo
castle in Scotland (where Madonna was married recently) but it's not
registered for road use. ?50000 = about $75000 but if anyone is really
interested email me and I'll send the phone number.

David Chapman