David Derer

Am I the only one who saw that nice pic in Old Cars Weekly. The one with
the awesome and talented whats his name? Viva Celina!!! Later Dave the

Hi Dave!

I am a new Amphi owner and new to the list (my fiance Brad and I bought Cap't
John's white project car) and John had said you have a windshield that might
work on our car. I saw in the Celina parts listings that you have a scratched
one -- is that it? If so, how bad are the scratches?

We will not make Celina this year, unfortunately, but we have several
alternatives to get it from you there if it is one we would want. We have a
friend in the area, John said he might be going (and we are picking the car up
from him after Celina) and if he drives it could maybe go back with him, or
maybe a nice Dallas or Austin member could be coerced into bringing back this
way for us (we are in Dallas).

Please let me know! This car has no windshield at all, and a scratched one
would be better than none! :)

Take care,
Susan Hensley :)

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