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Well a few ramblings:

We took Amphi out on the lake today and there must have been a
thousand boats out there who wanted to play with amphi and test put
bilge pump capabilities.

One boater who was out of gas flaged us over for help well being the
ever helpful amphi owner we told them that the Water patrol was about
a mile back. Now why he asked the slowest boat on the lake to help os
beyond me but we went back and got the Water Police well as we are
trying to get his attention so he doesn;t take off in his 3000 hp
boat which we will never catch he sees Phyllis flaging him and as we
come up to him he gets out his Camera and starts taking pictures and
wants us to wait for the pictures geeez. Well he goes and gets the
boat who has given up on us by now.

A side note:

I was really disappointed in Bilgy on Erics post for Music I thought
for sure we would get:

There have been multiple referances to amphibious music and they have
played a great role through the age please refer to WWW.*********.com
and so on :cool:

Anyway eric here are some of my choices:

Carribean Amphibian - Jimmy Buffett and Kermit the frog (yes I am

Jerimiah was a bull frog ( three dog night)

Brown eye Girl

Sitting on the dock of the Bay

Afternoon Delight


Son of a sailor man

Patches ( im dependin on you not to leak)

JImmy buffett Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Buffett


Bill Connelly

A side note:

I was really disappointed in Bilgy on Erics post for Music I thought
for sure we would get:


Sorry to disappoint, but everyone was having such fun playing "Name That
Tune" that I didn't really want to interrupt to point out the obvious: that
the only truly fitting music for an Amphi on a boat ramp is "Take me to the
river" by Talking Heads...but it MUST be on 8-Track! Any other medium for
recorded tunes in an Amphi gives the pure at heart cause for the same oddly
anachronistic "gotcha!" feeling that one gets when one spots the doofus with
the digital watch in that crowd scene in "Gladiator".


David Derer

Wow thats all I have to say. Now on to other subjects. Lake Geneva is
going to be a another great time. Not the rotor. There will be a couple
of new faces and cars there. It is not the rotor. I am guessing at 8 or
more Amphi's. Plan is meet at noon at Pappa Corrys. You can't miss it
just drive around lake. Later Dave the Wave