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Ken Chambers

Amphi and I had our day of fame yesterday. We met the nice folks from The
History Channel at a lake in San Jose. Short interview on the "fun factor" of
owning an Amphicar and then some filming of what Amphi does best. We'll see how
it turns out with the host talking about all the Amphicar facts and details that
they'll research.

The twelve part series "Tactical to Practical" begins airing in September. The
episode on special boats is number eight or nine in the series. Look for it
around the Oct/Nov time frame.

Ken Chambers, CA
'64 red

Gord Souter

History channel Canadian,, airs the Amphicar section today.at 6 pm EST>
was also on this AM so 2 Tv , recorded it 2 times so far..
Was a big Dissapointment as usual... 1/2 hr show titled THINGS THAT MOVE.
George Cohon, in Toronto did a big part at begining,
most of show was on other types, last 5 min was the Orillia swim in group.
Ron Tredeau, Rob Vondracke, John Lambert, and I were all in it.a good
underwater shot of Ron,s tires

Gord Souter,Canadian 4 amphs,

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