High-Torque Starter

Has anyone purchased a high-torque starter for their Amphicar, from BritishStarters.com ($189.95)? It appears to be a part of www.classiccarperformance.com. I placed an order a couple weeks ago, and have received no acknowledgement, no item, and no response to e-mail or phone call messages. They did charge my credit card. I'm beginning to wonder - perhaps no longer in business, or worse.

I've got a full restoration in the final stages. I thought a new, modern starter would be a nice update while the motor is out. They advertise it for the Amphicar, so I assume it's positive ground, but I can't contact them to confirm that.

I'll update this post, once the matter is resolved.

Thanks, Doug
I have had one in my Amphi for about 10 years with no problems at all!. Is a gear reduction starter that came from a place in Gloucester Mass. but it was sold by someone else. Not sure if I specified neg ground but it is.