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<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="3" FAMILY="SERIF" FACE="Calisto MT" LANG="0">Do me a favor and tell me where and exactly when the summer Swim-In is. Both
in Ohio and Mount Dora. We just got our cars this past Thanksgiving, Snappy
is Lynne's White 64 and Corky is my Red 67. Were new to Amphi but not new to
cars. We've got a good closed trailer to carry both cars. So we can haul the
cars no problem. We own a company that makes tents and special rigging for
circuses, mostly for the greatest show on earth (Ringling Bros.) but for
circuses world wide, so that makes our schedule our own. I just need someone
to spell it out for me dates, location and where the people who are "with it"
will stay.

So let me thank you in advance and may all your days be circus days.

Tommy and Lynne in Tampa - Corky swam two and a half hours today, he's happy.</font>

David Derer

Okay Dave
the Wave - where'd ya bury that bottle of tequilla? This will be a
fun game at Celina. Unfortunately the original bottle was STOLEN from my
liquer cabinet. I did find it the next day, damaged next to a plastic
bucket called Bucket of Margaritas also damaged. There were plenty of
suspects also damaged. Luckily for myself I stopped tequilla intake in
1985. Later Dave the Wave