Hidden Secrets


Amphicar Expert
You never know what is hidden under the floor coverings,
The last person to do body work on this car just put new metal over the old.
Then did not put the drain holes in so now we have to replace the whole rocker inside and out!

no drain holes.JPG


Based upon the thread's title I was looking forward to something fun & interesting, but previously unknown! This is sad .. .. .. but happens far too often.


I like the blue under dash light too!

Ya, it took me a while to figure out why my battery was going dead. I didn't even know the light was there until one night I happened to look close and saw it on. Classy work. They also masked one vent on the dash and painted the other. Regretfully, I got no paper history with the car and the owner had passed away. I got plenty of assurances from his daughter and her husband that it was in top shape. Sadly they were mistaken. It's getting closer now though thanks to Gord and my line of credit.


boy that was quick....
i wish i had a nice shop....and a welder......and a dude that knows what he's doing hanging around....
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