Hey guys.... it has been a while. Hey, Roger, Dave, John! Just saying that I still have my Amphi. It's been down for a while with wiring problems but nearly repaired. Tommy painted everything black including the wiring so it's been "fun." I've been working on my other cars and the Amphi had fallen down on the list. While I have it apart I'm putting in small or wrong missing parts like knob rosettes and replacing black knobs with ivory.... maybe a working radio and antenna. The radio in there was old looking but wasn't attached to anything. I don't suppose anyone has a working Amphi Motorola with the "Amphicar" dial faceplace for sale? Nah, didn't think so. In any case, just thought I'd drop in. Hope all is well and am really sorry to read about the trailer and parts theft, Gord. Darn! We had a rash of break-ins in winter visitor homes here but they caught the people... and recovered most of the property. Everyone, stay dry! - Paul


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Hi Paul,

I don't have any of those old Amphicar AM radios but I do have a spare of the radios that I use. They have the correct hole spacing for the Amphi dash punch outs, can accept Amphicar knobs for the correct look and are AM/FM stereo. They are a specific Japanese radio from the early to mid seventies. I run them with an old Alpine booster amplifier and two 5 x 7 inch speakers punched through under the dash so that nothing shows. They are negative ground though and I wouldn't try to run the system on your car unless it has been converted to that. I'll sell the radio and booster amplifier for $250. Let me know if you're interested and I can send you some photos.

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John - I hooked up the radio to a power source with a makeshift antenna and it seems to be trying to work! It is AM and I'm on the edge of town so I need to get closer to confirm. Meanwhile, the gas tank never had any felt cushioning on the bands so while I was putting those in I noticed that there once had been a single speaker installed behind the tank. The radio I have has an internal speaker but if I go to a different radio I already have a spot. I also ran into something else... see new thread. Hey Randy MAN! 105 here later this week, get that back bedroom ready! Uhhhh, no tornados, right?