Hey Mike E in Downers Grove

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I need Your Amphi for the Rock n roll River Swim In September 20th. You can bring it here on Saturday. I do not care if I use the blue one or the green one.
Maybe Jim L. in Chi town will let me use his. I don't think his car has been wet in years. Or what about Brian E, A Chi town north sider. I bet his rusty blue Amphi (of U tube fame 25k hits) is parked in the warehouse. BW4 build has begun but will not be ready in time:012:. Maybe I need to get a ten gallons of glue and "fix" the one that is here. I am way past ready to have some FUN. One weird ass Summer is almost over:002: and I am not ready to let it go with out one last swim in. Later Dave the it has rained all Summer Wave


Amphicar Expert
Hey Dave!
It would be great to see Mike E and Jim L show up. We are planning to have a great day!!

There will be space for you in one of the cars so don't worry...