Hey Amphipoda I was wrong

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Hey Amphipoda,
I was wrong about your front tire being locked up. I thought it was a lack of
grease so I packed my wheel bearing. The next time after swimming both my
front tires were locked up. I have to rock the car until they break free. Do
you have White Post brake shoes on your Amphi? Does anyone else have this
problem? I have been very careful to roll the car after I am outside to be
sure the brake shoes are not touching the drums, BUT THEY STILL are locked
up. There are at least two Amphicars that if you park them with wet brakes
the next time you get to swim the front brakes seem to be REALLY stuck to the
drums. That would be Amphipodas '64 Turquoise and our '64 White. Any advice
- Help? Tommy in Tampa

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My amphicar's right rear locks up after it sits. Last week it skidded for
twenty feet before it started to roll. This only seams to happen after a
swim. At our lake home I drive up the ramp then into the garage. If the car
is dry, it does not lock up. Its weird though, only right rear.
Tim Wick
white 63 (in storage as of 8:00 p.m. tonight)

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