Hello again, and I'm back!


Hi y'all. Its Ralph from Kennesaw GA- just North of Atlanta. I was at Celina my first and only time in 2000 with my 16 year old daughter. We rode in the parade in Mike Clark's car. I was working for Coca-Cola back then, now I'm retired.

Ever since then, I have been searching for an Amphicar. I actually wanted one since I saw a new one when I was about 11. I made a stab at one about 15 years ago but it was a rust bucket and the guy never gave me back my deposit. But I persevered, with the help of John Bevins. I met John at Celina and then again when we shared a Full Throttle Saloon cabin at the Sturgis Bike rally a few years back. We kept in touch. I was a member of the IAOC a couple of years as well way back when.

Anyhow, my time finally came on May 30, when I bought a red 1965 car. It drives and swims and I have had a blast these last few weeks. I'm slowly putting the interior back in and removing a few "customizations" the previous owner had done. I hope to get her repainted this winter but until then I will be enjoying it as is.

Looking forward to interacting with y'all and I'm sure I will be asking a million questions too.

There are still a few cars here in Georgia so if you owners are here, please get in touch!

Ralph Fowler

Ken Chambers

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Welcome back to the group and congrats on the Amphicar. Funny, we probably met back in 2000 when I also attended Celina and got some rides in Mike's car.

Sounds like you're really enjoying Amphicar ownership. Keep up the good work.
Hi Ralph,

My last Celina was also in 2000. I planned to go this year, but that is not happening.
Post some pictures of your car! Would love to see what you are working on.

Mark in Mich