Hell Michigan Huron Chain Of Lakes Swim - July 20, 2013

The date has been set for the third annual Pinckney Recreation Area / Hell Michigan chain of lakes swim in southeast Michigan north of Ann Arbor. Saturday, July 20th we meet to park at the Richardson farm in Dexter and drive up to the Zukey Lake Tavern for meet & greet and lunch at around 1:00 pm.

After lunch we splash in at the marina on Zukey and start down the chain of 7 lakes linked by the Huron river. This trip always turns heads as the boat traffic up and down the chain is invaded by the floating cars. We have had perfect weather every year. First leg is about 45 minutes of action packed twists & turns and even some driving on the river bed if water is a bit low. Lots of great wild scenery and nice lake and river front homes.

First stop is Dominic & Sue's place of Dunleavy lake where a cool shady lawn awaits as we climb out on the private ramp. As the cars cool down we have another chance to talk cars and enjoy the lake with some refreshments or a quick swim, then off again down the chain. A few more lakes and under the bridge we end up at the largest lake at the bottom of the chain called Portage lake where parking places in the water and hospitality awaits at the home of the son of the former AD of Michigan football.

This trip is a cruise which usually takes all afternoon, so lots of water time with 3 planned opportunities for breaks. Very casual and fun. Planned and presented by Mark Amsdill & Mark Richardson of Dexter, Mi. Overnight is OK with lots of room with privacy, electricity & water at the barn.

Richardson Farm Meeting & trailer parking
6301 Reinhard Dr
Dexter, Mi 48130
amphicar67@gmail.com for questions or confirmation

Mark Amsdill

Check out pictures from past swims & see you there!


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There is really a place called hell a couple miles from the final lake on the chain. One of the most interesting things there is Screams Ice Cream and the Dam Site Inn overlooking hell creek. Check out the website gotohellmi.com for a fun look into this strange place.
Less than three weeks from the HURON RIVER swim. Great watershead which attracts tubes and kayaks as well as trout fishing as the river proper is wide and shallow for miles. Dammed many years ago to create a chain of lakes, swimming is perfect. Water levels are high due to above average rainfall. Please let me know soon if planning to attend. MARK
Additional planning provides an option to jump off the chain at Whitewood Dunleavy and cruise back to my house and join Mark Amsdill at his newly finished place a couple miles away. Final stop on Portage lake not available although there is a ramp there to get out if a longer swim is desired. Water level super high.