Being in Yuma I've never had the occasion to try the heater. My philosophy is to not try anything I don't need and thereby avoid fixing it! Well, no heater! See, I am right! So, I see that there were changes in this system over the years but nothing matches what I have. No system had two blowers, right? I have the one inside the heater box below the tank with the fan in front of the radiator. There is a second fan slid into the big outlet tube and both fans are wired in parallel to the switch. Neither were working at first but I got the one in the tube to work after finding some loose contacts. The one in the box is dead. Should I be trying to fix the one in the box or what the heck is this? I think it needs complete replacement but is that even needed? - AZP


New development! It is going to be 113 outside today so I'm out there in spurts! I've got both fans working! So, my question is... should there be two heater fans? It is going back in that way in any case but I'm just wondering if and why there'd be two heater fans in line or am I looking at some sort of past contrivance or preference? The car was last in Wisconsin. - AZP


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Hi Paul,

The dinky fan by the heater radiator is the original fan. The other fan (I've seen someone use a large cage blower) mounted on the intake line is someones attempt to improve the heater system. The problem with that under tank heater is that it barely moves any air. That dinky fan in front of the radiator barely moves any air. Amphicar fixed the problem by coming up with the fender mounted heater in their later cars. That thing has a large cage blower in it and it really moves air. Therefore, it works quite well as a heater. Unfortunately, converting an under tank heater to a fender mount unit is quite involved. Fortunately, being in Yuma, you don't care about a heater. I'd get that little fan working correctly and be done with it. Chances are that in tube heater is a marine bilge blower fan. I have have one in one of my cars and it's so noisy that I have it on a second switch because the only time you can stand the noise is when you're on the freeway. Cage blowers move a lot of air and are generally quiet. Fans, not so much.

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Ahah! You know it, John... that second fan in the tube is quite noisy compared to the original. It is a 4-amp fan and I can see that the two mounting feet were cut to snugly fit within the metal heater outlet tube. Meanwhile, I think you confirmed that two fans could be common practice due to shortfalls with the original. Since both now work, I think I'll leave them both on the switch noting that neither will be used but if I sell later I can report that it works. There are days, Juanito, I think about you and some of my Schmitt amigos who live up there with your great view and weather. I can honestly say that I have not had a windshield needing defrosting for over 25 years! It does get cool here at night but I wouldn't be out in any of my cars. They're having micros and orphans at the Unique Little Car Show next year to be held at the National Hotrod Museum. I do hope you would consider attending with your fine example of an Amphi. I'm planning on going with "Adolph," my Schmitt but would love to see you and your wonderful wife! For anyone... John gave me my first Amphi ride and now you're stuck with me! Hombre, muy bueno! As always, John I am indebted. - AZP (www.radvet.com)


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I have tryed a few things over the years for better heat,I added a marine 4 inch blower in the intake hose, all it did was make more noise.
The heater above the tank works great and can even keep you warm with top down...(yea,, in Florida), no it really will defrost windows but they are hard to find.
att. is a few phoptos of early below tank heater with fan motor in tunnel.100_2906.JPG


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