Heater Core Valve

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    Has anyone encountered a coolant leak at their heater core valve? How'd you
    fix it? (Earlier style heater- located under the gas tank).

    I learned the hard way that you don't have to remove the entire heater in
    order to get to the core. Just un-buckle the fan, loosen the hose clamps,
    disconnect the cable, and the core will practically lift right out!

    Thx, Brian in Boise (Red '66)
  2. Marc Schlemmer


    The leak you mentioned.....is it the on/off valve in the trunk? If so, mine
    too had
    a slow drip of a
    leak....and rather than replace it, I just by-passed it. I figured that the
    water running all the way up front and through the heater core couldn't hurt
    the cooling - plus, with no flow through air in Amphi (as in cars with a
    grill up front) there is no heat drifting into the passenger compartment.
    As long as the blower fan isn't on, you can't tell that water is flowing
    through the heater core.

    Marc Schlemmer.

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