Heater Core Valve O-Ring Size?



To rescue me from extensive trial and error in the rain (great
lifestyle, but no garage anymore) and possibly hours of on-line
searching w/ my 14.4 (if I'm lucky) cell-phone internet connection,
does anyone have handy the above o-ring specs? This is a mid-model
heater located under the fuel tank. The valve is on the foward, port
corner of the heater (inlet line). I've replaced them before, but my
notes are in maintenance lockdown with The Breeze which is under-
going warranty work at the dreaded Chevy dealer (yes she's old, but
at least they stand by their recent work for 12 mo/12K miles).

Thanks In Advance --LarryS

We're now planning a Seattle, WA -- Ft Myers, Fl trip .... another
Big Adventure .... beginning just after Thanksgiving. We'll spend
about 4 weeks enroute, heading southeast. After the holidays (mid-
January) we'll come back along the Gulf Coast, across Texas, across
Texas, across Texas, then north. Any amphibians enroute up for a
self-contained overnight visitor?