Headlight buckets


Amphicar Expert
Headlight buckets are well known for rusting out.
Original ones had a valve in them to let any water that snuck in to get out..THEY DO NOT WORK.
when I do the buckets I clean, blast, paint , then undercoat all parts as I assemble them. I do not put the seal around headlight on and do not install the valve, let water in,, let water OUT.
Hugh. in Cal has reproduced them in steel.
I have reproduced the buckets in fibreglass, they are smooth and black on the inner fender(where you would see them) you can screw you good old inner assembly into them or I have new repro Inners.This is a part that should be replaced in Fibreglass, never rust out again and is not seen by public.
I also have new headlight aimer agisting bolds and there plastic nuts.
Do not try and use old ones, they all seem to strip after car is done and your aiming headlights.
Most All prices are listed on my web site at(www.amphicar.ca)
but some parts may not be in there(I dont think the adjuster bolts are)
so don't be afraid to ask for any Amphi part, If I don't have it I know whom will
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