Has anyone had problems with Pertronix coils?

Had a great time Saturday swimming in Winnipesaukee. Got out and stopped at scenic overlook of lake for some pictures. Amphi never ran again, took it home on trailer! I have a complete replacement distributor with pertronix ignitor and a pertronix coil that is about 15 months old. Long story short....Problem ended up being a bad coil! Put in my 50 year old original coil and started right up and spent sunday back in the water! After googling "pertronix coils prematurely dying" it seems like this is normal for these coils. Bottom line is, carry a spare coil!


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I have them in 3 cars and have not had any problems. Make sure you do NOT have a ballast resistor or resistor wire. It needs full 12V otherwise it will burn up.
I don't have any resistance in input voltage. Do you have oil filled or epoxy filled coil? Also do you have it mounted with wire connections down or up?


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Check your charging system.. had one this spring was dead on the road after 5-10 miles every time fellow went out. New coil on away it would go for 5 more miles, Turned out the voltage under driving conditions was away above 13.5 Volts and coil would over heat,,.
New generator and Voltage reg. and car runs great now!
Yes we all carry spare coils roter etc,!
Drove into town in Orillia this morning with top down! wont do that UP HERE MUCH LONGER.
I am running a GM alternator with internal regulator. Lights do not seem to bright, don't hear battery boiling after running it. Coil didn't seem hot when it failed. I spent all day for many days running it at the Boston/ NH swim in with no problems. I will ck voltage while running to verify though. Thanks

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