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    We had a great turnout for Harbor Day in Port Washington this past
    weekend. Considering short notice 7 amphicars was more than expected.
    Attendees were all Wisconsinites.

    64 Green - Marty, Caryl, Kelsey & Cailin
    64 Red - Tom & Cindy
    64 Red - Steve, Agnes & Nicole
    67 White - Richard & Barbara
    63 Red - Wayne & Kathy
    64 Red - Joyce, Bill, Sandy, Dan, Anna, Josh, Haily, Janet and Amy
    67 White - Nick, Sandy, Liz & Steven

    We spent the afternoon playing in the 2-3 ft. waves within the break
    wall of the Port Washington harbor. The Iroqois excursion boat(up
    from Milwaukee) stopped by us as it returned from a tour. It turned
    so that it's passengers could watch us, and even joined in our horn
    blowing. An adventurous Amphi (Wayne & Kathy) drove around the boat
    (which dwarfed Amphi) and gave the passengers a thrill.

    Joyce & family had to go home, but the rest came back to our house
    for a swim in the river followed by a late dinner. We had a red and
    white amphi for a midnight cruise.

    Sunday mornning we awoke to rain which moved out in time for us to
    join the Rods & Relics car club on a police escorted trip to the
    Saukville car show. The D.J. there told the crowd about the car and
    said to make a point of seeing the 6 Amphicars before they left for a
    swim. There was a great deal of interest and all of the usual
    questions were asked. The D.J. even put the music on auto pilot so
    that he could come over and take a good look. As we left, we heard
    the D.J. anounce that the Amphicars were leaving to swim and the
    crowd should take a final look. Two Amphicars left for home, but the
    other 4 played in the Milwaukee river until close to 5:30. By 6pm
    the yard was empty, the kids were missing their new found friends,
    and we were sitting back talking about how well the weekend went and
    how much fun we had.

    Those of you who couldn't make it missed a great time! To those of
    you who did, you are what made it so much fun!

    I'll post pictures in a Harbor Day file when I figure out why my pics
    won't upload.

    Nick & Sandy White '67

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