Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:003:We would like to wish All of our Amphi- Friends a safe & happy New Year!! I will be spending the day working on Finzilla, Got to Get Her Done!! Hope to see everyone in the new year!! Tom n Cindy:003:


Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
Indeed! Happy 2009 to all my real friends! Once again I get more surprises in the mail with more to come from the phone message I got. I am so blessed to have such good folks like you (You know who you are!) helping me out. Your overwelming generous donations have ensured my home stays mine, stays warm and I get my basic medical needs met. There will be no lawsuit to recover from this either. The law and life are not always on your side.

Happy new year! Is a genuine possibility now. With all the bad news I've taken in this past couple years, I still have much to be grateful for. I have a great woman by my side (she's pretty hot too!) a super family and the truest of friends from Florida to California, from North to South and many places in between who have taken the time and effort to help a friend in need. Until you step in deep sh*t, you will really never know who you can trust or who is a real friend. I do now.

2009 is new with 364 more days left. I have 3 weeks at home before I get my final month of rehab in-patient. Then I hope to work part time for 6 months before working towards full time. I hope I can get some of the work back I lost in the frey.

Again, THANKS TO ALL MY REAL FRIENDS for your more than generous efforts. From your time to the money and phone calls. The encouragement and well wishes are beyond description and do not go un-noticed. I have some plans to make this on-going for other members in need. In spite of some very bad apples, there is an overwhelming number of genuine good people in our group. I am forever in your debt and anything, ANYTHING I can do for you, I will be there for you.