Happy Fintastic Holidays



Another year is nearly in the books and a fine finned
year it twas. We made it to Celina '03 and swam with
our amphibious amigos. How magical that was no words
could possibly describe. No other car club comes
close to the warmth and playful nature of our
Amphi Club. We are truly blessed by your kind-
ness and overwhelming tolerance of the Amphipoda
ramblings. It is my sincere hope that my non-
technical postings bring an occasional smile,
if not a chuckle, to an all too serious world.

To all my fine finned friends and fellow Amphi
owners around the world Amphipoda and Mermaid
would like to extend our warmest holiday
wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year.

Be well, swim safe... and swim more in 2004!

Amphipoda & Mermaid
`64 Turquoise
San Diego