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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by David Derer, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. David Derer

    David Derer Guest

    I put on boat numbers. Buffed car again. Put trim back on. Pulled out
    and parked in front. Ray came out and asked "Who's car is that?" Margie
    came out and said I needed new tires. I mentioned the Coker Classics she
    said yes and soon!!!! Plus now I can be allowed to Charles gig on east
    coast. I think brown primer would fall into category of "project" car. I
    had lots of looks in the old BW but now I think there are more. Still no
    name but then it took years to pick a color. Later Dave The Wave
  2. "Cap''n" John

    Ya know Dave, I think she has earned the name she had. But now she is
    red, so I would just let the name evolve with her. How about
    simply "Red Wonder" Afterall she's still a "wonder" no? Humm?


    I'll call you or you can call me so we can meet up in Laughlin. I
    finished the turbo install. The dyno said 100HP @85 Lbs torque.
    Should be fun!

    I start my new job (Cad Designer) in 2 weeks at Quantum.


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