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Hi everyone,
I wanted to thank the club for my nifty "Handy Folder" to hold the Amphicar insurance and registration papers. :)
The "I brake for fish" bumper sticker was way cool too.
Thanks to everyone who donates there time to running our club. It is very much appreciated by a lot of us. That's for sure. I am gonna use my folder in my Amphi.
One thing more. If you have some sticky stuff on the clear part of your "Handy Folder" from a label that was removed I will tell you how to get it off. Just spray it with any kind of spray furniture polish. I sprayed mine and let it set overnight. I just wiped it off in the morning. Here in our factory spray polish is the only thing we use to clean. We buy the lowest cost polish we can find. It comes from any of the "Dollar" stores and it cleans great. We say it does everything but polish wood. See Ya Tommy in Tampa


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Naptha is a universal solvent for all of the soft glues used on stickers. It's the same stuff that's in liquid lighter fluid and the lighter fluid container is handy for using it in small amounts. You can buy quarts of it cheap at hardware stores and refill the lighter fluid container. It works very quickly, is safe on anything I've tried it on, including plastics or paint and I've used it for years. It doesn't work too well though when the glue residue is ancient and crystallized but that's only when the glue is many years old.

John Friese
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Tommy in Tampa

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Thanks John,
But you can use the spray wax on anything from your tires to the dash board to the convertible top.
It does work great on most things and it will leave your handy folder smelling lemony fresh too. :dft003:
Tommy in Tampa
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