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Handling Problems

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I recently began working on the front end of my amphicar to correct a severe
shimmy which would occour when hitting bumps at 30 mph or so. I removed the
front assemblies and took the to a local brake and axle shop. I wanted the
to replace all the bushings. They called my back and told me that the right
side was stuck. It turned right to left just fine but would not go up or
down. They disassembled both sides and cleaned them greased and re assembled
them. No parts needed! And only a $30.00 shop charge.


I have been suffering with severe handling problems where the car is
all over the road. After repairing the rear pinch bolts, switched to
radial tires and confirmed the steering box is reinforced with a
cross-beam, I found the right front wheel was loose with about a 3mm
gap between the stub axle bolt and the steering knuckle arm. I then
clamped the knuckle arm to the wheel to close the gap and re-
tightened the pinch bolt and re-tested the handling. It was solved!
I then tried some 360 turns left and right in a parking lot and the
steering knuckle arm was loose again.

Should I be taking up the gap with adapter washers, since it looks
like the stub axle bolt has a slot near the spline end shown on the
drawing on plate 21 that the pinch bolt would naturally be tightened
against? Or do I have to replace major parts?


Mike Batts

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