Handbrake cable - where it enters from outside

Jon March

see pics - it has opened up at the bottom (helped by the upward curvature)

can the outer jacket be carefully trimmed back & removed 1/4" inch or so? (Dremel wheel/right angle "pick-"-tool)- and then the new, clean end re-siliconed to the thru-body tube?

(the one on the pass side is even longer/arching up too much - so i need to clean up/shorten the black jacket a but more on that side even more..

Screen shot 2017-08-01 at 8.53.17 AM.png


Amphicar Expert & Former IAOC President
There is actually an end piece on the black jacket that goes into the tube on the body. In other words, if you do what you're proposing, you could take that piece out of the body tube...and the jacket and cable out where you have a bit more room to work. While apart, be sure to check out the accordion rubber jacket on the inside of the car that seals at the opposite end of the tube shown in your picture.

You've done a lot of work on your car - you might want to consider replacing those cables since it seems that the jackets on yours are brittle and cracked.
The new ones have grease fittings to keep a little lube in there....plus you'll get new accordion boots on the inside of the car.